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Fees and Sliding Scale

Fees for Therapy

  • ​Fees vary from $165—$180 depending on the type of service

  • Fee for clinical supervision — $165

  • Sliding Scale Available 


No Surprises Act: Under Section 2799B-6 of the Public Health Service Act (No Surprises Act), out-of-pocket/ self-pay clients are entitled to a written and/or oral estimate of expected charges per session, which can help them estimate the expected charges they may be billed for receiving certain healthcare items and services.

Accepted Insurance

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO insurance plans

  • Blue Choice

  • United Health Care

  • Out of Network Insurance: If you do not have Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO, you may be able to pay a reduced amount for therapy by submitting to your out-of-network benefits. Many insurance plans will reimburse part of your cost if you choose to see an out of network service provider. Reimbursement rates can range from 50 to 80% depending on the plan. We are happy to provide a professional billing statement to clients who want to use these benefits to pay for service.

Initial Consultation

Prior to scheduling an initial appointment we do offer a free face-to-face or phone consultation to help you determine how comfortable you feel working with us. A free consultation runs 15 minutes in length. If you are interested in a consultation appointment please contact us by email:

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