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Meet Abby

​Abby works with adult individuals, couples and families. She specializes in depression and anxiety, major life transitions such as premarital counseling, marriage, separation, reconciliation, divorce, pregnancy, becoming parents, co-parenting, job loss, moving, launching, emerging adulthood, identity, self-esteem, loss, grief, codependency, substance abuse, addiction, marital distress.

Abby's therapy style is strengths-based and tailored to the individualized needs of her clients. She operates from a collaborative, interactive approach, engaging clients to identify and define what they want to achieve from their therapeutic experience.  Abby approaches clients from a framework that prioritizes harm reduction and ensures that treatment goals align with and support her clients desired outcomes. By carefully drawing on her relationships and personal experiences, Abby brings her clients a thoughtful and unique perspective. She offers a wide range of clinical and work experiences that enhance her skills as a therapist who aims to empower others. Abby is committed to championing race equity and checking her privilege in both her professional and personal lives. 

Clinical Interests & Expertise

  • Depression and anxiety

  • Major life transitions—marriage, separation, divorce, reconciliation, becoming parents, co-parenting, job loss, moving, launching into adulthood

  • Identity and self-esteem

  • Grief and loss across the lifespan

  • Relationship issues —premarital counseling, parenting issues, and marital distress

Education & Training

  • BA in Communications: Indiana University, Bloomington, IN

  • MS in Counseling Psychology: North Park University, Chicago, IL

Fun Facts About Abby

  • Food lover, especially when it comes to trying new foods

  • I am a wanderlust - love to travel

  • Therapy is my second career

  • Mama of two boys

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