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Meet Abby

Approach to Therapy

Abby's therapy style is strengths-based and tailored to the individualized needs of her clients. She operates from a collaborative, interactive approach, engaging with clients to identify and define what they want to achieve from their therapeutic experience.  Abby approaches clients from a framework that prioritizes harm reduction and ensures that treatment goals align with and support her clients desired outcome. By carefully drawing on her relationships and personal experiences, Abby brings a thoughtful and unique perspective to her clients. She offers a wide range of clinical and work experiences that enhance her skills as a therapist who aims to empower others. Abby is committed to championing race equity and checking her privilege in both her professional and personal lives. 

Clinical Interests & Expertise
  • Depression and anxiety

  • Major life transitions—marriage, separation, divorce, reconciliation, becoming parents, co-parenting, job loss, moving, launching into adulthood

  • Identity and self-esteem

  • Grief and loss across the lifespan

  • Relationship issues —premarital counseling, parenting issues, and marital distress

Education & Training
  • BA in Communications: Indiana University, Bloomington, IN

  • MS in Counseling Psychology: North Park University, Chicago, IL

Fun Facts About Abby
  • Food lover, especially when it comes to trying new foods

  • I am a wanderlust - love to travel

  • Therapy is my second career

  • Mama of two boys

Contact Abby


​Abby works with adult individuals, couples and families. She specializes in depression and anxiety, major life transitions such as premarital counseling, marriage, separation, reconciliation, divorce, pregnancy, becoming parents, co-parenting, job loss, moving, launching, emerging adulthood, identity, self-esteem, loss, grief, codependency, substance abuse, addiction, marital distress.
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