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Samantha Cherveny, MFT Intern Northwestern University

Samantha comes to Lakeview Therapy Group as an intern from The Family Institute at Northwestern University. She has experience working with individuals, couples, and families in various behavioral health  settings. Her love of learning gives her clients insights from the most current therapeutic modalities. Samantha is creative and will collaborate with you to develop a path toward achieving your goals.

Sielle Kearney, MCFT Intern Adler University

Sielle joins Lakeview Therapy Groups as an intern from Adler University, where she is working on completing a master of arts in marriage and couple therapy. Her work experience includes human resource planning and development as well as behavioral health risk assessment and management. Additionally, Sielle was the recipient of an athletic scholarship to Northwestern University, where she ran competitively as part of their track and field team. With warmth and engagement, she will help create the change you want to accomplish.


Here are some of the benefits of working with interns

1) Interns have access to the most current research and are freshly trained in therapeutic models designed to benefit clients.
2) Interns receive close supervision by fully licensed clinicians. They receive 2 -3 hours of individual and group supervision weekly to ensure the best interventions and treatment planning for their clients.
3) Interns are highly invested in your care.
4) Interns are dedicated to learning, preparing and developing their skillset as newer therapists.
5) By working with interns, you are participating in the process of cultivating the next generation of great therapists


Meet Our Interns

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