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Meet Sielle

Approach to Therapy

Sielle is a couple and family therapist in training who believes that every person is equipped with their own unique skill sets that will help them in and out of the therapy room. She takes a systemic approach that prioritizes the impacts that individual culture, power imbalances, and larger societal systems can have on clients’ lives. Sielle works with a variety of clients to promote growth and positive change within relationships, individuals, and behaviors. She is passionate about creating a safe and 
empathetic space where clients can be fully themselves. Sielle aims to facilitate healing among all her clients by offering compassionate perspectives. 

Clinical Interests & Expertise
  • Children, Tween and Adolescent Development: Changes and Behavioral Issues

  • Parenting Transitions  

  • Anxiety and Depression  

  • Adjustment Issues 

  • Disordered Eating and Body Image  

  • Sports Related Issues ​

  • Individuals and Couples 

Education & Training
  • BS in Human Development and Psychological Services with a minor in Psychology: Northwestern University 

  • MA in Couple and Family Therapy in progress: Adler University

Fun Facts About Sielle
  • Loves to run, surf, snowboard and be outdoors

  • Loves to travel and explore different parts of the world

  • Born and raised in Traverse City, MI

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